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Oriental medicine industry

The 2nd phase of the new vitality project (project for industrializing herbal medicine) - Budget : 9.6 billion won -Period of project : 2008 ~ 2010 (for three years) -Period

11 projects in 5 fields

  • Strengthening innovative capacity building in the herbal medicine industry
  • Establishing production facilities for medicinal herbs
  • Advancing a distribution system for medicinal herbs
  • Activating the manufacturing industry for medicinal herbs
  • Actively promoting and marketing herbal medicine
Plan to raise the traditional herbal medicine as a future Bio industry after it has been industrialized. Medicinal herb specialized zone, Yeongcheon -Designated by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy on September 6, 2005 -Location of the zone: Wansan-dong & Nambu-dong in Yeongcheon -Size of the zone : 1,048.130    -Budget : 9.1 billion won -Main applied law: four special laws including Pharmaceutical Affairs Law -Four specialized projects including: establishing comprehensive medicinal herb
    distribution center and a traditional herbal medicine street.
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